The org chart for DAOs

Build your community, manage your workload, and distribute responsibilities and rewards.

Coordination failure kills DAOs ☠️

"My DAO is terrible because nobody has any idea what is going on or even why they joined in the first place."
"I tried to organize my DAO by putting everyone in a spreadsheet, but then I lost it and now I can't tell which anime avatar is which."
"We use Discord to collaborate. It's so bad that we only raised $200m in our last funding round."

Legra keeps you on track 🛤️


Decision-making is distributed across a network of collaborators


Collaboration across the organization is open, free and transparent


Dynamically map who is relying on whom and what is depending on what

Legra is rocket fuel for your DAO 🚀

Get aligned, stay aligned
Make sure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities
Plan for the future
Create detailed plans and allocate budgets to people and projects
Grow your organization
Easily onboard new contributors and help them make a difference
Catch and resolve problems
Track things that go wrong, and improve your organization by learning
️Map your organization
Visualize everything you do using the Intentional Graph
Communicate with purpose
Escape from Discord with automatic group chats for close collaborators

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