Escape from software sabotage

Ever get the feeling that your organization is less productive than it could be?
That you would get so much more done, but you spend more effort on project management than you do on real work?

If so, you might be suffering from software sabotage. It's not intentional, but your tools are hurting more than they're helping. Unnecessary video conferences and meetings that go on forever, communication overload in email, chats, and voice messages, interruptions throughout the day from constant notifications.

There is another way. Legra is designed for human-centric collaboration, to work with your natural collaborative instincts rather than against them.

Get things done, together.

Legra gives each person their own dashboard, showing their active conversations. See what you are doing for others and what they are doing for you. Never miss a deadline or forget a follow-up!

  • Free for personal use

  • Real-time updates

  • Edit online, no apps needed

  • Desktop and mobile