Smarter contract management

Reduce your time-to-contract and bring your contract lifecycle under control

Why Legra?

Legra is built for modern contract workflows.
Here’s what makes it different from other solutions:


Edit using our built-in collaborative editor, which makes tracking changes a breeze, and maintain an overview from your personal dashboard.


Turn a contract into a template in just seconds. Transform your contract workflow with automation, auto-generated forms and built-in integrations.


Start right away with instant set-up, and no installation fees. We're ready to help you start your contract management journey today!




Work together with your team, your counterparties, and your advisors to create contracts that work for you. Using our built-in contract editor, you can grant your collaborators access to revise, comment and approve contracts.


Draft, negotiate and execute contracts faster, saving time and money in legal, HR, sales and procurement. Our user-friendly interface and built-in contract editor helps your team to work faster and smarter. With our end-to-end workflow management, you can cut the time-to-contract from days to minutes.

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Integrate with Salesforce and other CRM systems to automate creation of contracts, but don't stop there. Using our API, you can drive internal and external systems, coordinating approvals, payments and disputes.

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