Collaboration means Conversation

Legra helps you and your colleagues communicate better at work.

Three steps to better collaboration


Close the communication gap

True collaboration requires shared understanding. Legra helps you have focused conversations about the things that matter.


Get the right people in the loop

We all need information - not too little, not too much. Legra's shared intents help you work out who is involved and keeps them informed.


Stay on top of your work

Track deadlines, create shortlists, and share updates in real-time. Legra help you to identify and deliver on your priorities.

Get things done, together.

Legra gives each person their own dashboard, showing their active conversations. See what you are doing for others and what they are doing for you. Never miss a deadline or forget a follow-up!

  • Free for personal use

  • Real-time updates

  • Edit online, no apps needed

  • Desktop and mobile