Smarter contract management

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Why Legra?

Legra is built for modern contract workflows.
Here’s what makes it different from other solutions:


Works fluidly with Microsoft Word, so you can keep your familiar workflow for drafting and tracking changes.


Turn a contract into a template in just seconds. Transform your contract workflow with automation, auto-generated forms and built-in integrations.


Start right away with instant set-up. Cut the time it takes to draft, negotiate and execute contracts with our powerful pre-built workflows and free e-signature.




Work together with your team, your counterparties, and your advisors to create contracts that work for you. Using our Microsoft Word add-in, you can grant your collaborators access to revise, comment and approve contracts using a familiar interface.


Draft, negotiate and execute contracts faster, saving time and money in legal, HR, sales and procurement. Our user-friendly interface and Microsoft Word add-in helps your team to work faster and smarter. With our end-to-end workflow management, you can cut the time-to-contract from days to minutes.

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Integrate with Salesforce and other CRM systems to automate creation of contracts, but don't stop there. Using our API, you can drive internal and external systems, coordinating approvals, payments and disputes.


Rob Knight

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Wray

Chief Product Officer

Will McGowan

Chief Financial Officer

Craig Kersey



DGov Council, Berlin, 24-26 Jan 2020

Join Chris at the second conference of the Distributed Governance Network on organisational development, community collaboration and technology. Apply to participate here.

Center for Cyber Law and Policy, Haifa University, 8 Dec 2019

Chris will be talking at a conference on online dispute resolution organised by Haifa University's Center for Cyber Law and Policy.

Launch of UKJT Legal Statement on Crypto-assets and Smart Contracts, 18 Nov 2019

Chris will be attending the launch of the legal statement commissioned by the Law Tech Delivery Panel's UK Jurisdiction Taskforce on the current English law position with respect to crypto-assets and smart contracts. Tickets available here.

SCL Workshop on Building a Tech Law Curriculum, 15 Nov 2019

Chris will be participating in the SCL's workshop on the development of legal education and training for technology practice. Request an invitation from the Society for Computers and Law.

Web Summit, Lisbon, 4-7 Nov 2019

Rob and Chris will be in Lisbon for the world's largest tech conference. Tickets available here.

The Lawyer Conference, London, 28-29 Oct 2019

Join Chris at The Lawyer's two-day conference on the theme of in-house counsel as business partner and the latest in legal tech. Tickets available here.

Redecentralize Conference, London, 25 Oct 2019

Chris will be participating in the Redecentralize unconference. Tickets available here.

Legal Geek Conference, London, 16 Oct 2019

Join Rob and Chris at London's biggest legal tech conference. Tickets available here.

SCL Adjudication Procedure Launch, London, 15 Oct 2019

Chris will be attending the launch of the SCL's Adjudication Procedure for IT disputes. Book your place here.

SCL IT Disputes Group Masterclass, London, 24 Sep 2019

Chris will be speaking along with an expert panel including authors of the forthcoming legal statement from the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce on crypto-assets and smart contracts. Book your place through the Society for Computers and Law.

DAO Model Law Workshop, Cambridge, MA, 21-22 Sep 2019

Chris will be in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the COALA working group on model legislation for smart contract-based distributed autonomous organisations.

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